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Proven Results.


Your Free Guide to Success

AlgoPulse University boasts an extensive curriculum. We interactively bring you from knowing nothing about trading, to having expertise and confidence in your new found skill.

Courses Include:
    - Twelve modules each with multiple essential lessons

    - Quizzes for each Module

Phase 1: Foundation

  • Module 1: Introduction to Financial Markets​

  • Module 2: The Trading Mindset​

  • Module 3: Financial Literacy

Phase 2: Mechanics of Trading

  • Module 4: Trading Platforms & Tools​

  • Module 5: Order Types & Risk Management​

  • Module 6: Backtesting & Paper Trading

Phase 3: Advanced Concepts 

  • Module 7: Advanced Technical Analysis​

  • Module 8: Fundamental Analysis​

  • Module 9: Advanced Trading Psychology​

BONUS: Crypto 101

  • Introduction to Cryptocurrency

  • Understanding different Cryptocurrencies

  • Trading and Investing in Crypto

  • The future of Crypto

Image by Ales Nesetril
"The biggest difference for me now, with AlgoPulse, is I'm no longer bleeding money. There's no huge anxiety, fomo, or panic. It's made it comfortable and easy. I get notifications right to my phone."
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